Sunday, June 17, 2007

Understanding Image Ads and Making Google Adsense Dollars

What are image ads? Image ads are graphical ads. Unlike traditional banner ads, image ads are also targeted to the appropriate audience, just like text ads. A publisher that has a combination of image ads and text ads has a greater revenue generating potential.

Image ads are only for Adsense for Content pages and not available for Adsense for Search results pages.

There are 5 major formats of image ads. The Leaderboard, which is about twice the size of a banner ad, the banner image ad, the skyscraper, the wide skyscraper and the medium rectangle.

Google's technology determines on a page by page basis whether image ads, text ads, or a combination of both will make you more money and then delivers the appropriate format.

You can choose to run only image ads, but Google recommends selecting both, thereby giving them a better chance to target the right advertising for your page, generating more revenue for you. Bottom 08-06-2007 Page 1/2 line: taking these two methods together will give you the best chance at making the most revenue.

How to Make Google Adsense Dollars at To get started blogging at, first you'll need to create a Google Adsense account. If you've already done that, you'll just give them the same publisher id you got when you originally signed up with Google Adsense.

Since you can only have one Google Adsense account, you will always use the same publisher id on every site you add.

Next, you'll create an account at and within minutes, start blogging! You still have to follow the Google Adsense rules as to the type of content not acceptable but other than that you have carte blanche as to what to write about in your blog.

Paste your URL into your email signature and every time you send someone an email, you will be referring them to your blog, thus increasing your traffic on

Comment on other publisher's blogs. If you interact with the blogging community, you are more likely to have your blog read more often.

Again, traffic, has a list of successful topics you can write about. You don't have to choose from that list of course, but it's quite extensive and if you look it over, you'll probably find something that interests you. They are successful topics because they turn up in search engines a lot.

More traffic, Google Adsense: Google Adsense Themed Ad Units Can Brighten Up Your Holidays, What are Themed Ad Units? Simple they are ads that have special colors and graphics to celebrate the season!

For instance, you might see your ad with orange print with a picture of a black cat for Halloween. How about red print with a green mistletoe for Christmas? The Themed Ad Units are specifically tailored to users in the appropriate locations as determined by their IP address.

For instance, a user in the United States might see colors and graphics appropriate to the Fourth of July while users everywhere could see colors and graphics for New Years Day.

Again, it's your choice and your page. You can turn Themed Ad Units on or off by yourself. Just log in to your account, go to the My Account tab. On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the Ad Type Preferences section and click Edit.

You can now enable or disable the Themed Ad Units Click save Changes and Voila! Your selection will apply to all your Google Adsense Ads.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Paying AdSense Keywords

Why earning money with Google AdSense is not just based around finding the top paying keywords? There are other important factors that must be taken into account.

Google AdSense has been a magnificent way for webmasters to increase their revenue because they can turn their traffic into money. The more traffic you have, the more potential you have for earning money.

Many sites on the Internet, including mine, give out information on the top paying AdSense keywords. These are the keywords that have been bid on the most on Google Adwords or Miva etc.

It must be said though that the figure advertisers are bidding for these keywords is nowhere near what you will receive as a webmaster.

For example, let's take the keyphrase "Car Insurance". Advertisers are bidding between $42.53-$53.95 for this keyphrase.

Before you work out roughly how much you could earn, you need to do the following:

1. Make sure that your website contains lots of content surrounding your chosen keyword. Do not put in the keyphrase hundreds of times; just make sure that you have evenly 'sprinkled' your phrase in your content.

Needs to read well and it needs to be informative to your visitors.

2. Make sure that your keyphrase is in your main heading.

3. Make sure, if you can, that your Keyphrase is your subheading. For numbers 2 & 3, you can add other words to your heading and subheading, but just make sure that your phrase is within it.

4. Make sure that if you have any images relating to your keyphrase, that the 'alt text' contains that phrase. Right, now that you have ensured the above, you have increased the chances of earning top money when Google AdSense ads are placed and clicked on your website.

The general rule for working out how much you could expect to earn is to take the average Google Adwords CPC (i.e. - how much they are bidding for your keyphrase of interest), divide it by 2, and Then divide that figure by 10.

The amount you get left with is a conservative figure for what you could expect to earn. For example; the average CPC for car Insurance is approximately $48.24. $48.24 / 2 = $24.12 $24.12 / 10 = $2.41 As I just mentioned, this is an extremely conservative figure, but it is a lot more Realistic that you will earn $2.41 when you start advertising for this keyphrase to begin with.

It is very likely, as I will explain below; that this figure will increase if your site receives lots of traffic, has a high page ranking, and is therefore reputable to Google.

You must remember that Google knows if your website has just appeared up overnight and there is no way that the top bidders' adverts for your chosen keyphrase will be put up on your site.

That makes sense though, because if you were an advertiser bidding $50 say for car insurance, you wouldn't want your highly priced ad to appear on an overnight site, you would much prefer that it appeared on a very popular and reputable site.

Therefore, what you need to bear in mind is that as your site increases in popularity and page ranking, you will gradually get higher priced ads appearing on your site, which means that you will increase your earnings potential.

Many of these websites offering the top paying AdSense keywords fail to mention these points, and many webmasters often become confused when they are only earning a few dollars per click instead of $50, which they were led to believe.

I hope this article has helped you understand a little bit more about Google AdSense.

There is definitely a lot of money to be earned from this opportunity, but these things take time and effort. If they didn't, wouldn't you be suspicious?

Friday, June 8, 2007

What is Google AdSense?

Have a website and want to make money from it? Then Google AdSense might just be the thing for you.

In this world of online marketing, advertising and auctions, a person must be always one step ahead.

Businesses all over the world are clamoring for their advertisements to be put up everywhere. Big and small, they want to be seen and their way to do this is through you, yes you, you website owner.

Using Google AdSense, you can have these ads placed in your site. They are often pertinent to your site's content and are related to each other.

Now, all you need is to apply, to write web articles of superior quality and to build up traffic to your site Through Google Adwords, businesses can make text, image or even video containing advertisements.

These advertisements are the one's that would be displayed in your page. The content of the ads will depend upon the subject matter tackled on your site.

The number of times viewers click on the ads or the number of times the ads appear on your site will determine your revenue.

The more clicks or display, the more profit for you. This is why there's a need to amplify the traffic directed to your site. In Google AdSense, the ads go through a 08-06-2007 Page 1/2 auction that happens almost instantly.

For example, if there are 3 advertisements about ergonomic chairs that are clamoring for space in your site, an auction will be held and the one that will bid highest will be the one placed on your site.

The bidding will be upon the cost each click will generate that is set up by the advertiser. The higher the cost, the higher your revenue will be.

To start using AdSense, you need to file an online application. It takes only minutes to complete the form.

Google AdSense is generated by JavaScript, so you will be given a code to embed into your page's source.

What you need to do next is to create well written and excellent quality articles on your page. These articles will be the basis of what kinds of ads will appear on your page.

The more topics you cover, the more diverse the ads will be. If you can't write well yourself, you can try looking up freelancers or ghostwriters to write them for you.

There are a lot of them waiting for you out there so go ahead and look.

Afterwards, you need to build up the traffic to your site. You can do this in three ways:

1. By increasing the frequency of the keyword appearing on your pages. Increasing the frequency will also increase your page rank in the search engines, therefore making people go to your website first.

2. Joining forums and discussions relevant to your site. Forums usually have a lot of members and these members will help greatly in increasing the traffic to your site.

3. Linking to sister sites. Find sites that are posting similar or the same topics as yours and ask them for a link exchange. This will be of mutual benefit to both of you.

Other features of AdSense include:

a. Allowing only suitable and children-friendly ads.

b. Freedom to change the color and format of the ads to suit the look of your webpage.

c. Language options for the ads.

d. A wide variety of ad-categories to suit all kinds of content.